The word nurse is defined by Webster as ‘a person trained for the sick or infirm, especially in a hospital’. While that may define, what nurses do, it does not explain who they are. Nurses are your friend, there to hold your hand. Nurses are your parent, there to assure you that all will be okay. Nurses are a companion, there to listen and fulfill even the smallest requests. Nurses fill the role of any person you need, at the very instant when you are at the greatest and worst moments of life. So, during Nurse Appreciation Week, we would like to take a moment to honor those who are there for us, our nurses here in the Upper Valley.

Meet Kerry Keazer, RN
Lebanon, NH

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital
Assistant Nurse Manager on the Medical Surgical Unit

Why did you become a nurse?
I became a nurse in 2011. The best part of being a nurse:  All of it!  I love the staff, helping patients, multi-tasking, leadership, and the sense of fulfillment I have at the end of the day

What is the best part of your job?
After so many years as a nurse, I have a lot of stories.   For my patients, I really enjoy bringing calm and comfort to the patients and their families during end-of-life care.  It’s something we all pride ourselves on here, and I am diligent in making that transition as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

What is the most heartwarming/uplifting story you have from being a nurse?
For nurses, the most heartwarming aspect is seeing new nurses I’ve trained to be “great nurses” practicing patient care.  Imparting knowledge and skills is so important to helping them be the best they can be.  I absolutely love it!