’Tis The Season For Giving and Receiving… a call to community!

Do you love getting the Lebanon Times delivered to your home or place of business? Do you love how the Lebanon Times helps create community and enhance our sense of place and unity?

We are so fortunate to be able to live, work and play here… don’t you agree?

I have a request and a challenge:

Thanks to the generous support of our many advertisers – and particularly our sponsors – we have been delivering good news to every doorstep in Lebanon, free of charge, since 2013.

But, while the paper is still going strong, it is not growing in the way that it should and we have SOOOOO much more to say and so many stories of GOOD to share.

I am asking now for your support to continue our community-building mission and to ensure that that our Lebanon Times not only survives but thrives in this important mission. Please consider contributing a voluntary subscription amount – $50, $25, $10, $5… whatever you believe you can give to help us continue to deliver the good-news-only content that you have been receiving in your mailbox for the past three years.

We want to bring you more print stories, we want to create more online content, we want to engage with you and for you to engage with us and with each other so we can share even more about all of the good people doing great things in this fabulous “best small town” in the USA.

Please click on the ‘contribute’ button below and choose your contribution amount. Or call our office at 802-698-8184 with your credit card number.

Thank you in advance for your voluntary subscription payment and for your active participation in our community and in our community-building mission! By sending in your payment, you will help us continue to bring good news to your doorstep every quarter.

Now, more than ever before, we need to unite as the good-hearted people that we all are and focus on the good and local stuff… the stuff that really matters and that which makes this community so special!

Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with US!

Jen MacMillen
Village Green Publishing