Lebanon School District Leads the Way: Student Services Paying Huge Dividends

An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends.
~ Benjamin Franklin

Perhaps there is no better example of that quote than the overwhelming success being posted by the Lebanon School District. Flying a bit under the radar without a constant, glaring spotlight shining on its contribution is the Student Services Program headquartered at the SAU#88 administrative offices at 20 Seminary Hill.

The Student Services Program’s comprehensive offerings help make Lebanon one of the finest school districts in the Granite State. Back in 2016 when Lebanon was named “The Best Small City” in the United States by livability.com, the Lebanon School District was a leading factor in gaining that award.

Today, that mission continues to offer Lebanon’s young people the best education possible. Superintendent Dr. Joanne Roberts emphasizes that commitment to excellence by posting the Lebanon School District’s mission statement (CARES).

Cultivates curiosity and collaboration
Achieves academic excellence
Respects and values diversity
Encourages responsible citizenship
Supports the needs of every learner

“That mission statement really says it all,” Dr. Roberts stated.

Tim Koumrian

Spearheading the mission as Director of Student Services is an extremely busy individual by the name of Timothy Koumrian. Timothy came to the Lebanon School District with an impressive résumé, but perhaps that should include a Masters Degree in Multitasking! He was raised in Harvard, MA and obtained his undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in History at Hamilton College. Obtaining his BA there in 1997, he went on to Lesley University in Cambridge, MA to complete his M.ED in Elementary Education. Tim is currently working towards a CAGS (Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies) in Educational Leadership from Plymouth State University.

“I started as Director of Student Services on July 1, 2015 and quickly came to understand the dedication of the staff and the families, all surrounding the commitment to the highest quality education of Lebanon youth. There was already strong performance of the subsets of this department, but we always want to work toward continuous monitoring and improvement of what we do for students.”

Tim took time to note the key element in the mission of the Student Services Programs by explaining that it is a department that is designed to assist specific subgroups of the larger student body so that they have equal access to that same high quality education. This department has strived to not only meet its legal requirements when it comes to these student subgroups, but also to think beyond compliance. A showcase example of that would be the recently completed summer lunch program headed up by Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital. With APD guidance, along with generous local sponsors and volunteers, the summer lunch program was a huge success done so without the red tape of federal funding.

As indicated earlier, Tim has fulfilled the role of multitasker. The following is an outline of the various branches of the Student Services Program.

A great big thank you

Special Educational and Section 504

This is by far the largest of these groups and similar in focus. These are based on state and federal laws requiring districts to meet individual needs of students that have one or more disabilities

English Language Learners (ELL)

This is the next largest group of students which rests with those students who are of different nationalities/cultural backgrounds. Lebanon is perhaps the most diverse medium-sized city in the State of New Hampshire. We have more than 50 languages spoken in the district.

District-Wide Summer School Program

This is a relatively unique in NH public education as it serves the needs of all educationally at-risk youth and not just those we are obligated to serve, namely our Special Education students who need it.

Beginnings Preschool

Originally was created and his its main purpose in serving those 3-5 year olds who have developmental challenges and require services.

(Elementary) Behavior Support and Intensive Needs

This is a program in each elementary school that supports teachers with students who have significant behavioral challenges.

For more information about the Student Services Program and other SAU#88 initiatives, please contact the main office at: 603-790-8500